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Biotalys, an AgTech company focused on addressing food protection challenges to enable a more sustainable and safer food supply, is pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Moroney as chairman of the board, following the company's annual general meeting end of last week.


The European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF) announces today its equity investment in Aphea.Bio, which thereby brings its Series B financing to a total of EUR 18 million.  Aphea.Bio develops a new generation of agro-biologicals based on natural micro-organisms.  By harnessing the power of the plant microbiome, the Belgian company helps to reduce fertilizer application (biostimulants) and control fungal diseases (biocontrol agents) in row crops such as maize and wheat.


Ghent-based company Protealis,  new spin-off from VIB and ILVO, is making its debut today in the plant breeding industry.  Inspired by the mission to grow more sustainable plant-based proteins locally, Protealis aims to harvest the full potential of legume crops.  With innovative breeding technologies and proprietary seed coatings, Protealis will create new opportunities for European farmers to help overcome Europe's protein deficit.  The initial focus is to develop high yielding, high-protein soybean varieties.  Protealis has successfully concluded a EUR 6 million seed financing round


Animab, a venture spin-off from VIB, announces today that it has  successfully concluded a 3.4 M€ seed financing round.  The company develops monoclonal antibodies for oral administration to ensure intestinal health of livestock.  The initial focus is on improving the resilience of piglets during the fragile post-weaning period.  The start-up will use the seed capital to develop its first oral antibody produduct for protection against ETEC and initiate a product portfolio for the livestock industry.


ViroVet nv, a leading Belgian biopharmaceutical company active in the development of innovative vaccines and antiviral drugs for livestock, is proud to announce that it has successfully confirmed the efficacy of its porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) vaccine based on the PLLAV or plasmid-launched live attentuated virus technology.