A new start for the company Adriaens

A new start for the company Adriaens

Until recently Ets. Adriaens plc was the cattle slaughterhouse of the group Covalis.  After the merger of Covalis with Westvlees, leading to Belgian Pork Group, the time has come to clearly put Ets. Adriaens plc on the map as a separate entity.

Within the group Covalis Ets. Adriaens plc is de production entity for the slaughtering and the cutting up of cattle, for third parties as well as for own account.

On September 8th 2015 Westvlees Group, Covavee and Agri Investment Fund (AIF), the shareholders of Westvlees and Covalis respectively, have signed an agreement bringing together their pork meat activities in the new Belgian Pork Group.

As a result of this merger the group Covalis was restructured in view of a clear distinction between de pork activities on the one hand and the cattle activities on the other hand.  Therefore Ets. Adriaens plc (cattle activity) was taken out of the group Covalis and directly embedded with the original shareholders, that is Covavee scrl and Agri Investment Fund scrl.  Both shareholders guarantee a stable financial foundation and a sustainable support in order for Ets. Adriaens plc to be able to present itself in future as thé reference for beef on the Belgian and foreign markets.  Ets. Adriaens plc wants to further develop as a beacon in the chain from producer till consumer, in which reliability, transparency, correctness and collaboration remain the guiding principle.

This legal restructuring has also lead to the appointment of a new board of directors in which, next to the representatives of both shareholders, the management is included as well.  Since the special general assembly of November 23 2015 the board of directors consists of the following members:

    • For the shareholder Covavee: Renaat Moors (Chairman), Leo Bernaerts and Joost Castryck
    • For the shareholder AIF: Marc Rosiers (vice-chairman), Patrik Haesen and André Van den Bossche
    • Independent administrator, beef farmer: Michiel Deroo

Lieven Boone was also appointed chief executive officer responsible for the daily management of Ets. Adriaens plc.

After a reconstruction period following the fire of 2011 the board of directors finds that Ets. Adriaens plc and his team are back: with an average number of slaughterings per week of 1500 cattle Ets. Adriaens plc is able to provide a wide selection of qualitatively high carcasses and quarters of beef, further cut up or not.  Ets. Adriaens plc has the ambition to further develop this position in partnership with its customers and suppliers and, by doing that, wants to contribute to the strenthening of the Belgian beef sector.  The shareholders and the board of directors are confident with regards to the further development Ets. Adriaens plc and wish the new chief executive officer and his team every succes.

For more information, please contact Lieven Boone, CEO, on 0475/99 91 75