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Biotalys nv, a rapidly growing and transformative food and crop protection company developing a new generation of protein-based biocontrols, today announces a collaboration with Chrysal to protect flowers against fungal diseases and preserve their beauty using its new generation biofungicide.  The study will be conducted at Chrysal in The Netherlands and will focus on post-harvest fungal protection for cut flowers.Chrysal is a driving force in the flower industry and worldwide market leader in flower food to protect the beauty of flowers to keep them looking fresh for longer.  Through more


New corporate identity reflects mission to shape the future of sustainable and safe food supply.  Incorporation of Biotalys, Inc.


ViroVet nv announced today that it has received a 590.000 euro grant from Flanderes Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) to assess the potential of its PLLAV-vaccination technology in poultry and large ruminants.ViroVet is a leading Belgian biopharmaceutical company active in the development of antiviral drugs and innovative vaccines for use in livestock.  Since its capital increase in December 2016 ViroVet started developing novel and innovative vaccines, termed PLLAV vaccines for Plasmid-Launched Live-Attenuated


New VIB spin-off launches with 9 million euros in funding


Entreprise vétérinaire se concentre sur la lutte contre des infections virales dans l'élevge de bétail